History and Vision


Marshall’s Design Inc. became what it is today by many steps and processes always answering a call for certain services with integrity and dedication. It all began in 1978 when Marshall Pepperman the owner and president came back to Los Angeles to rebuild and revive the family furniture business. Pepperman’s Home Furnishings had been a successful business for 37 years. Prior to taking an ownership position at Pepperman’s, Marshall had been in operations for a chain of furniture stores in the Sacramento area.

While at Pepperman’s, Marshall was approached by a Long Beach Development Company, IDM. They had worked with him on furnishing models for a new development. After completion, they approached him to be their Home Center for another development in the Agoura area. Marshall had no idea what a home center was, or how it worked, but their management didn’t care about that. Their main focus was an ethical approach with them and their buyers who inquired about the furnishings in the models.

This became a great business model for relationship building with their clients and brought more builders on board. The concept from the beginning was to avoid the tactics and mindset of the home center industry, which was viewed as primarily, dressed up versions of flooring, and installation shops. Marshall’s approach was intertwined with procedures and marketing for the builders and home furnishings industry.

After just two years, the home center services offered at Pepperman’s grew into a division larger than the volume of the family furniture business. At that point, it branched off and became Marshall’s Design in May 1980.

Brand Success

Marshall has a natural aura of integrity mixed with a value for excellence he promotes to each customer. He believes success over the years is directly related to focusing on quality, service and transparency in an industry where there is too often little concern for these values. He also brings out the potential of each employee by placing importance in their strengths and creative attributes.

Vision for the Future

Marshall has a different focus and it is simply stated, “We are not in the flooring business.” He says, “We are in the expectation business.” People don’t purchase flooring, they purchase a lifestyle that they envision for themselves. Like furniture, they buy products that protray how they see themselves living. Flooring is the foundation or canvas for all interior design. Marshall’s expectation for each client is to deliver a complete personalized experience when working with his team of professionals.